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Health Guarantee

Health Guarantees

Every breed of dog has some sort health problems associated with it. Responsible breeders do everything in they can to avoid these problems in their litters. Most breeders are finding some way to stand behind their breeding program by providing guarantees on their puppies. The details will depend on the individual breeder. You'll have to decide what you want to guarantee. Many breeders offer money or a replacement puppy upon receipt of proof of the particular problem.

If the puppies do happen to have problems, some breeders will refund the whole purchase price with the intention of easing the veterinary bills for the owners. Other breeders will offer a replacement puppy to the owners for sometime in the future or insist that the affected puppy(ies) are returned. There are others who will insist that the affected puppy be spayed or neutered before honoring their guarantees. Some offer a year guarantee and some up to five years. Whatever you do, you need to be very clear with your buyers about your policies to avoid problems in the future.

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