CwnAnnwn Breeding Considerations

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Breeding Guideline


Choose your stud dog well in advance.  Let the stud dog owner know when you expect your female to come in season.

Have a backup stud dog just in case your first choice becomes unavailable.

Have your female examined by a veterinarian to ensure she is healthy.

When your female is ready:

As soon as you see first signs of your female coming into season, contact the stud dog owner.  If the stud dog is out-of-the-area, you will need enough time for shipping arrangements to be made.

If you are shipping the female, the stud dog owner will pick the dog up at the airport and will need all the female's information. You should send all your paperwork with the female. You can just tape an envelope to the crate.

If you are delivering the dog personally, get good directions and bring all your paperwork.

If this is your female's first breeding, you will need to know when she is ready to be bred. Ask your veterinarian about smears and/or progesterone testing. This will help you pinpoint the right time to get your female to the stud dog. This will typically be between days 10 and 15 but could be much earlier or later.

When the female comes home:

Your female will likely stay with the stud dog owner for a week or two.

When your female comes home, you should get some paperwork with her from the stud dog owner, including (but not limited to) copies of the stud dog's health clearances, copy of the stud dog's pedigree, and information on when the female was bred.

Information gathered off the WWW, books and advice.


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